Pictures of Animals

One of my favorite things to photograph has to be animals.  I just love animals.  I thought I would put together some of my favorite animal pictures.

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30 Day Photo Challenge Days 8 and 9

For Day 8 the theme was sunset. I was at my Zumba class when the sun set, so I am using a very old photo I took of my friend and the setting sun.

For Day 9 the theme was fresh fruit. I decided I’d embrace fall and take pictures of some very delicious apples my mom got from the fruit stand for 50 cents a pound. I took three outside and took a picture with some leaves.

30 Day Photo Challenge Days 1-5

I started my photo challenge 5 days late, so here are photos 1-5.

Day 1 is a self portrait.  I took this picture at

Day 2 is your favorite shoes.  My favorite shoes are green Keds flats with a llama pattern.  The insides are lined with fleece.

Day 3 theme is hands.  I took this picture on a walk with my friends.

Day 4 theme is clouds.  I took this picture on the same walk.

Day 5 the theme is your breakfast today.  Today I had scrambled eggs and spinach for breakfast.

30 Day Photo Challenge

I saw this on Pinterest and thought this would be a great way to practice photography.

I know it says June, but I am going to do it in November.  I found it yesterday, on the 5th of November, so I am going to have to play catch up at first.  Prepare for a big post on the first five days of this photo challenge!